[SailfishDevel] Prompt from daemon

Adam Pigg adam at piggz.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 10:15:55 UTC 2018


Im looking for options to get a yes/no prompt from a daemon process,
something like the BT pair popup ideally.

So far, the only option i can think of is to use nemo notifications.  After
much trying, I finally managed to get a preview popup, and guess I should
be able to change that to a timeout popup.  The only problem is that there
can only be a single reply, so i'll have to have a click as a yes, and
otherwise assume no.  It would be good if lipstick could support the
desktop notification standard more fully with additional replies, as this
is hinted at in the example docs (2 reply actions) but with a note
underneath that lipstick only supports the 'default' reply.

Another way, which im not sure is possible is to somehow invoke the system
BT popup, is that possible?

Then, there is how calendar notifications work, they have swipe up/down,
how are they invoked?

Finally, I could have a helper app invoked by the popup, but I think i'd
rather go with a timeout in that case.

Any other options?

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