[SailfishDevel] [Reminder] Sailfish OS, open source collaboration meeting, 3rd of May, 2017 at 08:00 UTC

James Noori james.noori at jolla.com
Wed May 3 00:06:29 UTC 2017

Hello all!

Apologies for the late reminder. As you know, tomorrow (Or today, 
depending on where you live) which is Wednesday, May 3rd 2017, we are 
having our bi-weekly community collaboration meeting on IRC at 08:00 
UTC. Since there hasn't been any topics added, I am sending this 
reminder in case someone has a topic in mind to add to the meeting.

The meeting will be held even with no topics announced. It will be a 
general discussion gathering of community members.

In case you have a topic, please feel free to add them here before 07:30 

See you all tomorrow at the meeting.

Thanks and best regards,
James Noori
Community Manager

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