[SailfishDevel] CalDAV/CardDAV Contributor Meeting

Chris Adams chris.adams at jolla.com
Mon Feb 6 01:02:43 UTC 2017

Hi Damien,

Thanks for your response, and no problem at all.

I'll hold the meeting at the normal day/time just in case other folks are able to attend, and we can catch up separately on IRC some other day as you suggest.  I will comment on the PRs / bugs too :-)

Best regards,

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Hello everyone,

Le mardi 31 janvier 2017, Chris Adams a écrit :
> Just a quick reminder that the next CalDAV/CardDAV contributor
> meeting will be held this coming Monday the 6th of February at 0900
> UTC in #mer-meeting on irc.freenode.org.
I'm sorry, I can't attend because I have a full day meeting at work
that particular day. Chris, if you want, we can discuss on IRC another
day just both of us, tell me which moment you prefer, or by message in
Gitlab. I think, I had answered your remarks about the various pending
MR, but don't hesitate to ask if anything is not clear or still  badly

Have a nice week-end,

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