[SailfishDevel] Storing credentials safely in a python+QML app

Andrey Kozhevnikov coderusinbox at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:46:01 UTC 2016

you should use master password for saving credentials, or ask every time 
to enter password and save only login.

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Тема: [SailfishDevel] Storing credentials safely in a python+QML app

>Hello sailors!
>This is my first email in the list, although I've been reading for a 
>I'm designing a simple app that show the user some info about its 
>contract with its mobile carrier (pepephone, from Spain).
>Their API is pretty simple and you have to login each time with user 
>and password and then the servers returns a sessionID.
>I'd like to keep username and password safely in the phone. Now, I'm 
>aware that obfuscation is not an option, and any other safe method that 
>come to my mind needs a master password. I've asked to other dev and he 
>use a salt and the IMEI to encrypt it, but you only have to get other 
>app into the phone and knowing the algorithm (easly checking the code 
>on github) you can get the password.
>I wonder if SFOS has some kind of keyring like kde or gnome, or if 
>there is no other way than the described above. Any suggestion is 
>appreciated :)
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