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Matthias Fehring buschmann at huessenbergnetz.de
Wed Sep 14 21:40:50 UTC 2016

Am Donnerstag, 8. September 2016, 14:40:16 CEST schrieb Chris Walker:
> Can anybody point me in the direction of some C++ code to connect to
> two SQL databases please?

Does it have to be pure C++ code? If not and if it can be the Qt way, read on. 

> I want to have one set as read-only and the other as read-write.
> Whatever I'm doing is wrong as I always end up with a default
> connection.

Have a look at QSqlDatabase and it's addDatabase() method. [1]

Example for two SQLite databases:

You have to set a connection name for each database.

> QSqlDatabase rodb = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(QStringLiteral("QSQLITE"), 
> rodb.setConnectOptions(QStringLiteral("QSQLITE_OPEN_READONLY");
> rodb.setDatabaseName(QStringLiteral("/full/path/to/ro_database.sqlite"));
> if (rodb.open()) {
> 	QSqlQuery qro(rodb);
>	.....
> }
> QSqlDatabase rwdb = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(QStringLiteral("QSQLITE"), 
> rwdb.setDatabaseName(QStringLiteral("/full/path/to/rw_database.sqlite"));
> if (rwdb.open()) {
> 	QSqlQuery qrw(rwdb);
>	.....
> }

Later on you can refer everywhere in your application to the databases by 
using the connection names (rodb and rwdb):

> QSqlDatabase rodb = QSqlDatabase::database(QStringLiteral("rodb"));
> QSqlQuery q(rodb);
> ....

Best greetings

[1] http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qsqldatabase.html#addDatabase

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