[SailfishDevel] sailfishos.org seems to limit the download speed to about 160kB/s

Thomas Amler armadillo at penguinfriends.org
Fri Sep 2 16:53:49 UTC 2016

I can't confirm that. Currently downloading the Windows SDK with 6MiB/s. :-)

Am 02.09.2016 um 18:50 schrieb Marcin Mielniczuk:
> Hi,
> Either when downloading the sb2 target for HADK or when updating the
> SFOS SDK the download speed oscillates between 120 and 180 kB/s.
> If I start two downloads from sailfishos.org (both of the above) and
> reach something like my maximium bandwidth (310 kB/s)
> Is this done on purpose?

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