[SailfishDevel] Way to determine the height of a cover action?

micu micuintus at gmx.de
Mon Oct 24 14:27:10 UTC 2016

Dear fellow sailors,

My name is micu and I'd like to say hello to all of you.

Currently I am working* on a Sailfish version


of the Berlin Vegan Guide
(I took also part in developing the new 2.x Android version of the app):

I noticed that my current application cover doesn't look too nice with a cover 
action on top of some text. So I wonder whether it is possible to ascertain 
the height of the cover action area in the bottom part of the cover?

I discovered that the cover proportions are a little bit different for the two 
possible cover sizes. I also looked at the QML file for the call list, but it 
obviously does not anchor its text area to the cover action area, but instead 
simply limits its list to five items.

Does anyone by any chance have an idea? That would be really helpful.

Kind regards,

* In case somebody is interested in helping with the development of this app, 
of course I'd be more than happy if you join.

Furthermore, if you take a glance at the code and some ideas pop up in your 
head on how to improve the code, I'd love to hear your suggestions. My 
Sailfish and QML experience is still fresh and I would like to learn more 
about QML and Sailfish best practices.
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