[SailfishDevel] Open source in-app ad API helper for QML - please, join

Zoltán Lutor zoltan.lutor at gmail.com
Mon May 30 18:48:22 UTC 2016

I've progressed with implementing an open source wrapper for Vserv RESTful
advertisement API in QML. Quote from API description:

Vserv provides a simple HTTP based API to publishers/developers and other
ad networks, etc. to fetch ads for mobile sites or mobile applications. The
mobile device / server makes a HTTP request to Vserv Marketplace server
with the required parameters and in response receives the ad in JSON
format. This single API integration gives you the flexibility to fetch
banner/ full screen / rich media ads.

Available implementation is in pre-beta phase - quite majority of
functionality works but there is still room for improvement.

Since I'm not so experienced in this area of sw development - and
especially newbie in Sailfish native development - *I would like to ask
some help from the community in finishing it*.

It would be a general purpose QML wrapper around the API with necessary
tailoring is needed for Sailfish - e.g. Webkit vs. WebView, etc. Maybe
separate git branches are needed for different implementation(?) - I'm open
for any reasonable proposal.

Is there anybody willing to join? Reviewing, commenting - and of course,
coding is more than welcome. [This is my first open source project, so
comment from this aspect is welcome, too.]

API descrption is here
code repository is in BitBucket


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