[SailfishDevel] Available today 1pm EET: Sailfish Community Program & Jolla C second batch

Jolla Community community at jolla.com
Tue Jun 14 06:17:00 UTC 2016

/Dear all on the Sailfish Developer mailing list,/

We are super excited to announce that we’ve secured a new batch of Jolla 
C devices, and can thus take more participants to the Sailfish Community 
Device Program <http://jolla.com/jollac>. The new batch is a very 
limited one, meaning that we can take only a few hundred new 
participants to the program.

This is a heads up for all of you on the Sailfish developer mailing 
list. The Jolla Shop for the program <http://shop.jolla.com> (LINK) will 
open to everybody _today June 14th at 1pm Finnish time (noon CEST)_. As 
it is a very limited batch please be quick to secure your place and your 
very own Jolla C device.

Read more about the Sailfish Community here 
<https://sailfishos.org/community>, and check the Jolla C product page 

*For a smooth Jolla Shop experience:*

To secure your place in the Sailfish Community Device Program and get 
the Jolla C, please keep in mind the following when entering the Jolla 

1. Select and save your country/region for the Jolla Shop from the 
drop-down menu at the bottom of the page  – see below for reference:

Country and Region image

2. Sometimes an order gets stuck in "Waiting for Payment" status. Should 
this happen to you, we kindly advise you to complete a new order at your 
earliest convenience; please do not attempt to fix or otherwise redo an 
existing order. While this may lead to having multiple failed orders 
with this status, our experience has shown that eventually reordering 
will result in a successfully completed order.  Jolla will then cancel 
any orders in the shop that are stuck in "Waiting for Payment" status 
without prior consent or notification.

If you did not secure your place already, we hope to see you soon in the 
Sailfish Community Device Program!

Kind Regards,
James Noori, on behalf of the Jolla Team
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