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occirol developer at nordan.ch
Wed Jul 20 16:02:17 UTC 2016

Hello everybody !

I can't figure out how to go back to the main page of an app and clear 
the stack of pages. Let me explain:

I've a main page, by selecting a menu entry push a page (lets call it 
page1). On this page1, calling a certain action, push another page (call 
it page2, it is a dialog page) on the stack.

So in the stack, I have the following pages:  [MainPage, Page1, Page2]

But now, from page2, I want to go back to MainPage. So I did this first 
in the page2 code :

    onAccepted: {


Warning: cannot pop while transition is in progress

Ok, so I tried this instead:

acceptDestination: Qt.resolvedUrl("MainPage.qml") 
acceptDestinationAction: PageStackAction.Pop

Still: Warning: cannot pop while transition is in progress

And doing this:

    onAccepted: {         pageStack.pop(null, false)     }

Is working in term of results, but before going to the main page I see 
the page2 for a little while.

So, I should miss something here for sure. Any ideas or recommendation ? 
Maybe am I bad designing the navigation in the app ?

Thanks a lot !



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