[SailfishDevel] QBluetoothServiceDiscoveryAgent search fails on Sailfish OS

Krzysztof Lesiak wave.dev at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 13 19:17:13 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm developing an application that requires advertising an own server 
via SDP and of course a method to retrieve devices that are advertising 
said service record. I'm also doing an Android version in parallel with 
mostly the same code (until now); advertising a server works on both 
platforms, but for searching I've used two different code paths, which 
lead to problems:

1. QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent on Sailfish:
Can find my PC (and possibly other Sailfish servers), but not the 
Android device as it does not initially feature the custom service UUID 
upon device discovery -> full service discovery is needed, which means 
using QBluetoothServiceDiscoveryAgent (which in turn gives me a "Create 
device failed Error:  0 "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AuthFailed"").

2. QBluetoothServiceDiscoveryAgent on Android and PC:
Android and PC can see each other in client and server roles. Both can 
see Jolla as a server, but as already said, Jolla cannot see the Android 

Now, I have found this thread: 

I'd very much like to be able to submit my application to harbour when 
it's done, which can take some time, but still. Should I:

a) use the patched Qt Bluetooth module from the thread and package that 
with my app instead of using the system lib
b) try to gain access to the privileged group for easier development and 
wait for Qt Bluetooth to become stable enough for harbour

Best Regards,

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