[SailfishDevel] Qt5SystemInfo status

Riku Lahtinen rikul.lajolla at kiu.as
Mon Jan 11 02:29:56 UTC 2016


I developed an app At Work, which records the time you stay at work by 
using GPS. Because of the poor GPS functionality in buildings and 
response of the app users I added a feature to utilize a cell 
information also. For that I needed to import QtSystemInfo 5.0. I got 
that to work by inserting two lines to spec file and everything seems to 
be working. Though the app doesn't pass the Jolla Harbour rpm check, 
because QtSysteminfo is not accepted in the test.

Does anybody know when QtSystemInfo is accepted to be used or are there 
other paths to proceed? I know OpenRepos is one way but I like the work 
they do in Jolla Harbour very much to increase the reliability of our 

Best Regards


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