[SailfishDevel] Communication between system apps, native apps and android apps

Amit Chalakh amitchalakh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 13:20:51 UTC 2016

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> Dear Developer team,
> Android apps doesn't have access to system apps-
> Cases-
> 1. Whatsapp (android app) doesn't have access to read contacts from people app resulting in no contacts in whatsapp even after refresh.
> 2. Moneyview (android app) doesn't have access to read messages and show balances in app.
> 3. WiFi file sharing apps (android apps) aren't able to turn on/off wifi hotspot and wifi for file sharing.
> E.g. Shareit, xender aren't working.
> 4. In android app, if there's a setting to tweak from system it shows doesn't have access to system settings.
> Email links can't be opened in required app-
> Cases-
> 1. If the user clicked a twitter link in mail, it takes the user to browser. It would be easy if it asks to open twitter app (android app) or third party twitter client.
> Then the case would be- there are too many twitter third party clients are available. So, the default apps setting to open would do. 
> And atmost user have 2-3 twitter clients installed, so showing those 2-3 apps to open the link would be great.
> 2. The case is not limited to twitter only..
> It would be great ease if links can be opened in apps because users click on so many links in a day and logging in into every site in browser is annoying..
> Say facebook, linkedin, amazon,etc..the list has no end..
> And users too want to open the things in app because  the things are better organised in apps and takes less time.
> E.g. Especially on mobile device, a user likes to browse the catalogue  on amazon in app rather fiddling with the website.
> Looking forward to this in upcoming updates.
> Sail on!
> Regards.
> Amit 
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Sent from my Intex Smartphone

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