[SailfishDevel] NodeJS in Sailfish OS

juice juice at swagman.org
Sat Aug 6 17:09:23 UTC 2016

I am running nodejs on both sbj1 and tbj. (node v0.12.7)

Node builds straight off the release tar file or git repository.
If I remember correctly I tried some later releases (past 4.0.0, which
have io.js integration) but there were some dependency problems...

   - juice -

Dylan Van Assche kirjoitti 2016-08-06 12:17:
> Hi devs,
> Does somebody knows how to add NodeJS to Sailfish OS?
> I would like to use a NodeJS module in my app but NodeJS seems not to
> be available on Sailfish OS (except the install packages I found on
> Openrepos).
> Is their a way to run a NodeJS code in Sailfish OS which is Harbour
> compliant?
> Dylan Van Assche,
> Sailfinder developper
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    - Juice -

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