[SailfishDevel] Chroot on sdcard (Jolla 1)

toadron at yandex.ru toadron at yandex.ru
Mon Aug 1 15:45:41 UTC 2016

Hello all! I using chroot on my phone for do anything things. (Building, testing, etc.) But recently I was faced with a lack of space on phone and decided to create a new chroot environment on the memory card.

export SDCARD=n9gb1b39-9c77-4d4e-bf33-522ce5f6ahi3
export CENV=base
export CPATH=/media/sdcard/$SDCARD/chroot
export FCPATH=/chroot/$CENV
mkdir $CPATH
ln -sv $CPATH /chroot
mkdir -pv $FCPATH/dev
cp -av /dev/zero $FCPATH/dev/zero
mkdir -v $FCPATH/etc
cp -arv /etc/zypp $FCPATH/etc/
cp -av /etc/boardname $FCPATH/etc/
zypper -v --root $FCPATH refresh
zypper -v --root $FCPATH install basesystem rpm rpm-build curl vim-enhanced PackageKit tar make gcc gcc-c++ meego-rpm-config libstdc++-devel
cp -v /etc/rpm/platform $FCPATH/etc/rpm/

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