[SailfishDevel] Simple device to device communications

Jani Nuutinen amontieri at gmail.com
Thu May 14 16:57:56 UTC 2015

What might the most crude requirements be when looking into simple device
to device (/application to application) communications?

Just to illustrate the question a bit more (in this example two different
users have their own devices and are using the same application for the

a user with the other device sends "Will you do this today?" and another
user with the other device is prompted with a simple
[ ]Yes
[ ]No
screen and by clicking either choice the answer gets send back to the
original sender.

I'm probing for some guidelines here that what kind of an undertaking it
would be to first create such a "simple" app for device to device
communication and expand on top of everything that gets learned on the
side. And also for the sake of if I should just leave the idea altogether
while I still haven't invested too much time into something I really don't
have experience from.


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