[SailfishDevel] QML arrays and memory leak

Kim Foder Kim at foder.dk
Mon May 4 20:20:17 UTC 2015


For some time I have been battling a memory leak in my pedometer app, after a 
lot of experimentation, I have found the problem to be my use of arrays  

Whenever I receive an acceleration measurement, some statistical calculations 
are made, which results in one float pr. measurement.

As I need the measurements for a certain time for further statistical 
analysis, the results are stored in an array, used as an traveling window like 

accarr.shift();  // the array is pre-initialized with empty elements.

This works great, but it leaks memory fast, and after some time (between 1 & 2 
hours) the OS kills all running apps!

Any ideas how I can solve this?



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