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Alex Smirnoff smirnoff.al at gmail.com
Fri May 1 21:35:53 UTC 2015

Regarding https://harbour.jolla.com/faq#5.3.0
Do we realy need to prefix in the code all the QtQuick.Controls and
QtQuick.GraphicalEffects imports with harbour.gcompris...
If we don't rename, if it will still work and
be acceptable for the jolla store (or will it break the validation
Installing Controls and Effects under /usr/share/harbour-gcompris
should not be difficult.

PS. I have placed GCompris in openrepos. Everybody could install it and use.
You will also need to install

2015-04-23 9:57 GMT+02:00 Lucien Xu <sfietkonstantin at free.fr>:

> Hi Alex,
> Qt Quick Controls can be themed, and you can use Qt Quick components to do
> the theming of these controls. We have been doing this kind of theming work
> for Nemo [1]. However, doing this for Sailfish OS's Silica might require
> some effort, approval from Jolla etc.
> However, there is a simpler way to get your app approved for store: bundle
> Qt Quick controls as a static or dynamic library and package it with
> GCompris. You will require some tweaks, like renaming QML imports, but this
> works well.
> Regards,
> Lucien
> [1] https://github.com/nemomobile/qtquickcontrols-nemo
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> Hi.
> I am glad to announce that, thanks to the main developers  from GCompris
> community, Gcompris  could be now started on Jolla device.
> More over, it is almost nothing prevents from merging Sailfish support in
> GCompris master branch.
> I have plan to place rpm on openrepos in short time to make it awailable
> for everybody.
> We still have one nice to have  and one major issue related to Sailfish.
> - Some activities use Qt Quick  features, that are only available starting
> from Qt 5.3.
> So I want to ask if Sailfish OS will be Qt 5.3+ based or not? This is the
> key point to understand if Sailfish  support should be merged already now
> to master branch, or it'd better to wait till Sailfish 2.0.
> - qt5-qtquickcontrols is still unavailable on Sailfish, so we could not
> place GCompris on Jolla Shop.
> Here I want to try to ask it again from Jolla guys.  Last time I just got
> a suggestion from Andrey Kozhevnikov to port QtQuickControls to SailfishOS.
> And that was more that easy, I have just built 5.2 branch with mersdk and
> created rpm.
> Let me explain once more why we need QtQuickControls on Sailfish.
> Gcompris is not a silica application and never be, it is a generic qt
> application that has a lot of different activities, developed by different
> developers. So it should be possible to run it on different platforms.
> There is no way to rewrite everything and change all imports to silica and
> port all the new things ever and ever, because there is no support on other
> platforms. Generic QtQuickControls is the best way.
> So I want to hear the Jolla's point of view on this problem. As soon as a
> more applicable in other cases Silica component may be not so applicable in
> case of full-screen applications like GCompris.
> It use it own layout and the Page type could not ensures anyway that page
> content is scrolled to keep editable text fields visible when the virtual
> keyboard is shown and so on, because the Page just no exist.
> Or maybe there is a chance to somehow wrap QtQuickControls in Silica. I
> believe that should be possible, I do not have this chance because there is
> no open silica repository.
> I believe that  educational application like GCompris is must have on
> Jolla devices. And having it only in openrepos will definitely close  the
> door for the lion's share of users.
> --
> Alex Smirnov
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Alex Smirnov
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