[SailfishDevel] sailfish-qml Camera

Asser Lähdemäki sailfishmail at denden.pw
Mon Mar 30 09:18:11 UTC 2015

Tobi Sim kirjoitti ma maaliskuuta 30 09:32:13 2015 GMT+0300:
> I am trying to integrate a Camera/Viewfinder in my all qml/pyOtherSide 
> App, and was using the example provided by the harbour-advcompogallery 
> harbour-advcompogallery 
> <https://github.com/Acce0ss/advcompogallery-sailfish> App.
> Apperently, the Camera seems to not work with the sailfish-qml launcher. 
> (provided by libsailfishapp-launcher)
> It throws an error upon activating:
> > |[W]  QCameraPrivate::_q_error:171  -  Camera  error:  "Failed to link 'viewfinder bin queue' to 'viewfinder bin capsfilter'."|
> is there a way around this other than using a c compiled launcher 
> binary? In the compiled advcompogallery app it seems to work, but not in 
> the sailfish-qml launcher.
> Thanks

The QML API for camera is not complete Afaik - you need to for example give some gstreamer presets only doable from c++ at this time.

You can use Sailfish.Media 1.0 for qml only (presets are set in the c++ side of the extension), but com.jolla.camera 1.0 does not seem to be compatible then. 

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