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Mon Mar 23 10:50:39 UTC 2015

will 1.1.4  contain new UI framework with richer eventsview?

2015-03-23 13:42 GMT+03:00 Soumya Bijjal <soumya.bijjal at jollamobile.com>:

> Hi all,
> During the last iteration, we had an intensive development period on
> tablet hardware adaptation and the new UI framework. The results were
> demonstrated at Mobile World Congress early this month. We are overwhelmed
> with the positive response and reviews of the Tablet. Do take a look at the
> blog entry summarizing our participation at MWC if you haven't already:
> https://blog.jolla.com/mobile-world-congress-2015/
> A quick recap on the progress so far:
> New UI framework:
>  * Lockscreen with time, day and date information
>  * Media player controls in lock screen for native Media app
>  * Persistent status area in homescreen and lockscreen
>  * Richer eventsview with widgets such as
>    - displaying weather info
>    - upcoming calendar events
>    - shortcuts to toggle commonly used settings such as bluetooth,
> airplane mode, wlan and location,
>    - shortcuts to perform quick actions , e.g search on web, take a
> picture, make a note etc
>    - improved notification handling, grouping, secondary actions
>  * Power key menu
>  * Carousel transition to access home, open apps and events view
>  * New swipe animations and transitions
>  * Presence settings moved from events view to settings app
> Landscape mode and layout updates for apps for tablet:
> * Work in progress for Settings, Startup wizard, Calculator, Media player,
> Calendar and Gallery apps
> Drop upower in favour of statefs:
> Implementation work is now complete, now working towards gracefully
> handling the removal of obsolete packages. This task depends updating Mer
> Core OS to use newer version of libsolv, libzypp, zypper libraries.
> GStreamer update to 1.x:
> * More work on cleaning up the code for gst-droid encoders and decoders.
> The code is now more robust.
> * Viewfinder and captured images should have the correct orientation.
> * Hunting down issues with writing the correct orientation for the
> recorded videos.
> * Porting the thumbnailer to a more recent libav
> * Making sure qtmultimedia can be used with GStreamer 1.x by building it,
> rebasing nemo patches on top of it and fixing any issues.
> * PHONE ONLY: jolla camera more or less works with some issues remaining.
> Gallery video playback with some issues remaining.
> Toolchain upgrade to gcc4.8:
> Moved to a later OS upgrade to give us time to complete the implementation
> of BTRFS balancing operation before performing OS upgrade.
> For this iteration, we have planned the following:
> * Kernel update to latest linux-stable version 3.4.106 for Jolla Phone
> * Tablet adaptation work
>   - recovery mode/factory reset operation
>   - device identifiers supporting tablet OS upgrade
> * Preparations for Bluetooth certification qualification
> * Security fixes for  gnutls vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-0282,
> CVE-2015-0294), libgcrypt vulnerabilities CVE-2014-3591, CVE-2015-0837 and
> openssl vulnerability  notified in http://marc.info/?l=openssl-
> announce&m=142667932619582&w=2
> * Implement parts of voicecall-manager for SIP and other VoIP protocols
> * Finalize the new UI framework features demonstrated during MWC
> * Tablet-optimized apps and landscape layouts
> * Refresh visuals for Sailfish Silica components
> * Virtual/HW keyboard opening policy
> * Email Search
> * Improve folders list in Mail app
> * Continue with the following from last iteration
>   - Camera adaptation work on Tablet
>   - File system layout  implementation for Tablet
>   - Android runtime support Tablet
>   - Continue working on landscape modes for apps
>   - Settings pane to display disk usage
>   - Allow factory reset operation to reset the OS to the latest available
> public version instead of the age old factory image
>   - Upgrade to Pulseaudio 6.0
>   - Private browsing
>   - SIP integration into accounts. test IM capabilities in messaging
> The following tasks unfortunately did not progress during the last
> iteration, we hope to catch up on them now.
>   - Review certification middleware code
>   - USB tethering UI
>   - Enable open VPN support on the OS
> The next OS upgrade, version 1.1.4 (Aijänpäivänjärvi) is in the release
> candidate phase. Here are a few highlights on the release content:
>     - Landscape mode for Maps
>     - Split keyboard in landscape mode with a setting to disable it if
> needed under Settings > System > Text input
>     - IMAP idle/push support for mail accounts
>     - Resolution independent icons
> In addition, Facebook account has been updated to use API version 2.2,
> which has unfortunately lead to extreme reduction in functionality, i.e no
> instant messaging nor contacts sync. Facebook has notified that the XMPP
> chat API will no longer be available after April 30, 2015
> https://developers.facebook.com/docs/chat.
> We have now moved our codebase to use new API version, thus disabling
> Facebook instant messaging capability on SailfishOS. It also limits the
> contact synchronization to only provide contact info of people using the
> same app; in our case this would mean that one could obtain contacts only
> if his/her Facebook friends are also Jolla phone users. We agreed
> internally that such a limited contact sync is pretty much useless to our
> users and hence the contact sync has also be disabled. We have initiated
> talks with Facebook in an attempt to find a way forward.
> Thats all for now,
> bijjal
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