[SailfishDevel] How to detect when an app are restored from minimized

Kim Foder kim at foder.dk
Fri Jan 23 23:04:25 UTC 2015


In one of my apps I'm using the QML Canvas object, but after the latest
upgrade of either the OS or SDK, it was blank whenever the app had been
minimized and restored, and stayed blank until the page had been

I believe this is because of the change where the context is freed when
the app is minimized, so I added a call to var getContext("2d") to my
onPaint event, and the app can paint on the canvas again.

But now I need an event to tell me the page should repaint the canvas, I
have been looking for an onActivate, onShow or onRestore event on the
Page, but has been unable to find one!

Does anyone on this list know how to detect when the Page should be


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