[SailfishDevel] Sailfish IDE hangs

Kimmo Lindholm Kimmo.Lindholm at eke.fi
Thu Jan 15 11:33:11 UTC 2015

Had similar non-responsive issues (on win7 x64), but without doing anything, just being patient, hangs did stop happening after a few hours.
So far so good.

Heard that others have had similar issues too.

I didn’t found any specific reason for this.


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I was using 1407 version of SDK and everything was working fine, now I installed 1412 version and IDE just hangs (no processor/disk usage at that time) after launch, then after about 30 seconds it is working fine then after about 10 seconds hangs again etc. etc. The same happening on 1410 version.
I installed 1407 again and all is working fine again.

I am using windows 8.1 x64.
Maybe you know what can cause this?
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