[SailfishDevel] Build with sailfish latest on mer-obs fails, QVariant, double (?)

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Sun Jan 11 15:52:51 UTC 2015

El Thursday 08 January 2015, Kimmo Lindholm escribió:
> i had made a bad thing: (or bad copypaste)
> #define pi (3.14159)
> in some other place someone else;
> QtMetaTypePrivate::QPairVariantInterfaceImpl pi
> =  v.value<QtMetaTypePrivate::QPairVariantInterfaceImpl>();
> And seems that my #define messed things up.
> Now it builds correctly.

This is why #defines are a terrible idea when there are alternatives. First, 
the pi number is already defined as M_PI in math.h. Second, if you have to do 
that, and specify constants, use a "const double foo = ...". The compile 
errors (if any) will be much more meaningful.

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