[SailfishDevel] Questions about not yet allowed APIs

Reto Zingg reto.zingg at jolla.com
Fri Jan 9 08:32:55 UTC 2015


On 12.01.2014 06:43, Timur Kristóf wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to ask about status & ETA about the following QML imports, ie.
> what's their current status (stability, maturity, etc) and when are we
> going to be able to use them in the harbour.
> import Qt.labs.settings 1.0

anything starting with "Qt.labs" is kinda red flag, no ETA on that yet. 
Has overlapping functionality with other org.nemomobile modules.

> import QtGraphicalEffects 1.0

On 07. Jan 2015 Harbour QA started to accept submissions which use 
QtGraphicalEffects 1.0.

> import QtFeedback 5.0

Is lacking an upstream maintainer and promised API stability. Once in 
place we can allow it in Harbour.

> import QtDocGallery 5.0

Is under review. No ETA.

> import org.nemomobile.ngf 1.0
> import org.nemomobile.notifications 1.0

all "org.nemomobile" imports need a maintainer, API stability and 
documentation. Once that is in place we will allow them in Harbour.


> It seems to me that there's a LOT of functionality which is not available
> without these APIs and this is a serious impairment to harbour apps. That's
> why I'm interested.
> Thanks in advance for your answer!
> Cheers,
> Timur
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