[SailfishDevel] Unknown Component

Michael Neufing michael at neufing.org
Sat Feb 21 14:21:29 UTC 2015

Installation of missing QML types should resolve the problem.
Coderus provided them on GitHub:  

Additionally it also provides code completion for other missing types  
like the Theme-type.

Installation instructions are available in the readme.

Zitat von Chris Walker <cdw_nokiaqt at the-walker-household.co.uk>:

> If I run the 'Run checks' command from the Tools->QML/JS option in
> Creator, I get the error message 'error: Unknown component. (M300).
> This is for the error against CoverActionList in Cover Page and
> similarly for CoverAction.
> While I realise that this isn't a huge problem, it can be
> distracting when scanning code for errors. This has been there since the
> year dot. Any chance of fixing it?
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