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Cathal (Phone) cathalgarvey at cathalgarvey.me
Mon Feb 16 12:35:54 UTC 2015

Pity how many of those problems are really software issues that an open source system would likely have fixed by now. Large attachments freezing phone sounds like attachments are all in RAM, a better way probably wouldn't be overly taxing to write.

Perhaps you, too, ought to be excited about Glacier? :)

On 16 February 2015 12:31:00 GMT+00:00, Goulagman <goulagman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Don't be so negatif :)
>My message was obviously a taunt. However, I am really frustrated by
>phone. After more than one year, it is still not usable for an everyday
>The stack just under Silica/Sailfish though, is amazing. A phone with
>> Coreutils and Python pre-installed! That's really all I've ever
>The stack is a Linux. Yes, this is what I want too. But the lack of
>essential functions is terrible.
>What do you mean by "SailfishOS doesn't work well on Jolla"?
>I'm talking about essential features that are missing. I won't talk
>the ergonomy of the OS. It is supposed to be revolutionary and I just
>it horrible. Connecting to a WiFi network is a nightmare. But I guess
>it is personal taste.
>Non exhaustive list:
>- No notification on voicemail. This one made me miss *very important*
>messages before I realized what was happening. Today, I have to call my
>voicemail twice a day to be sure not to miss one. Even the new ubuntu
>and firefox os phone works for that. The lack of this feature is, in my
>sense, unacceptable.
>- Non threaded mails in mail app.
>- I had to put a paper under my battery to make the phone work.
>there is no contact between the battery and the phone and I have random
>shutdowns. I know that this problem cannot be solved as it is hardware,
>this is really a shame for a smartphone.
>- If you attach a big file to a mail (several hundreds of Megabytes),
>phone becomes unusable. The battery is drained, all applications are
>randomly until the faulty mail is deleted (which is hard because the
>app is killed or doesn't work at all).
>- Links between facebook contacts and gmail contacts are not saved.
>Since I
>have to reset my phone from factory every 6 months (because this is
>the first thing people ask you when you have a problem), I have to make
>the links by hand again.
>- The camera is terrible. I had to buy another phone for business at
>point. I took the cheapest Windows Phone I could find (Lumia 521) and
>photos taken by this phone look better than the one on the Jolla.
>- Sailfish utils: this is a useful toolbox but I shouldn't have to use
>of these functions. The phone should be working fine without my
>intervention. This menu is the proof that something is wrong.
>When I bought my Jolla, I found the interface better than Android
>Now, Android has evolved and Jolla has not. Honestly, I would totally
>up on the interesting features to have a phone that works.
>On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:30 PM, Nicolas CARTRON
><nicolas at ncartron.org>
>> Hi Alexandre,
>> 2015-02-16 10:24 GMT+00:00 Goulagman <goulagman at gmail.com>:
>> >
>> > Hi Himanshu,
>> >
>> > Since Sailfish OS doesn't even work well on the Jolla, I would
>> you
>> > to stick to Android if it's your only phone ;). I've been using it
>> > the beginning and I'm counting days to my next birthday so I can
>ask for
>> an
>> > Android device.
>> What do you mean by "SailfishOS doesn't work well on Jolla"?
>> I'm using it as my daily phone for more than one year now, and am
>> than happy with it,
>> even though there are still some bits and pieces missing, but I
>> say it does not work well :)
>> --
>> Nicolas
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