[SailfishDevel] TextArea | Using EnterKey.onClicked

Pekka Vuorela pekka.vuorela at jolla.com
Fri Feb 6 12:13:35 UTC 2015

to, 2015-02-05 kello 20:11 -0300, Nicolas Cisco kirjoitti:

> I try using the qml Keys api:
>     TextArea {
>        id: textArea
>        EnterKey.onClicked: console.log("EnterKey.onClicked")
>        Key.onEnterPressed: console.log("Key.onEnterPressed")
>        Key.onPressed: console.log("Key.onPressed")
>     }

> But doesn't work, the only signal fired is EnterKey.onClicked.
> In addition, my idea is to allow the user to input enters by using
> shift and then the enter key, is there a way in order to achieve
> this?.

At the moment EnterKey doesn't allow to filter out the click event and
indeed Keys attached property doesn't work on Silica editors. Could look
into both, but not sure if that would be too high priority.

First, the virtual keyboard sends key events only on few cases: enter
and backspace when no word is active (i.e. underlined). Second, shift
modifier is not supported on either. And even if shift would be passed,
that as user interface would require multitouch, which doesn't sound
like a good idea.

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