[SailfishDevel] Developer wiki?

Eric Le Roux eric.leroux at jolla.com
Fri Feb 6 11:06:25 UTC 2015


We plan to deploy a sailfishos dedicated wiki in March timeframe so we can
address the need for such documentation and consolidate some of the
information that is currently scattered across mer/nemomobile wikis.
This is aligned with the sailfishos.org site renewal, priority is given
first to restoring the silica documentation and broaden the scope of the
site to accomodate other audiences than developers only.


On 06/02/2015 12:52, "peter.pykalainen at gmail.com"
<peter.pykalainen at gmail.com> wrote:

>Indeed. Lack of docimentation and how tos are a real problem. Even bigger
>problem than having stupid restrictions on harbour apps.
>// Pete
>Andrey Kozhevnikov kirjoitti pe helmikuuta 6 12:20:48 2015 GMT+0200:
>> That would be very helpful :D
>> 06.02.2015 15:14, Kaj-Michael Lang пишет:
>> > Is there a developer wiki available ?
>> >
>> > Something like the Nokia developer wiki, where various how-to-do-that
>> > articles could be created and shared ?
>> >
>> >
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