[SailfishDevel] Additional SailfishOS community meeting on IRC - open source and Jolla - 2014-12-02T15:00 UTC

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Nov 30 18:35:00 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

please have a look and help create a meaningful agenda for this Tuesday!
The over arching topic is strictly open source and Jolla.


I hope to also see input from Sailors for the agenda, there are both
sides to this story.

For the lazy, here's a copy-pasta of the TJC item:
During the last meeting the topic of Jolla and its relation to the open
source community exceeded the allocated time slot. Hence it was decided
to hold a separate meeting one week later: Tuesday, 2014-12-02T15:00 UTC

I (Thomas, a community member) have been asked to chair the meeting and
am hereby soliciting input for the agenda. *Please post your proposed
agenda items as answers to this topic.* As the general topic is complex
and discussions tend to require time, I am reserving up to 90 minutes
and will allow a maximum of 3 main topics and possibly some smaller
topics, if it is evident that they won't need more than 5-10min each.
Should the number of valid topics and issues exceed available time
slots, further meetings on this will be considered.

Please state clearly the area you want to see discussed and if you will
be available to bring your point to the table on IRC.

*/As this is a continuation of a complex issue, before commenting or
answering this post you are expected to have at least read the full log
of the open source time slot of last weeks meeting
also if you participated in the meeting./* /I reserve the right to, at
the least, ignore comments and answers where the person hasn't done so./

I hope for plenty of participants both from the community and from
Jolla, as I firmly believe that both sides still have a lot to learn and
great things can come from such meetings (cf. Jolla's very open approach
about tablet development, most prominently hinted by @Stskeeps
<https://together.jolla.com/users/43/stskeeps/> during the meeting).




PS: Sorry I didn't send this earlier and excuse the HTML email, but it
really helps this one time.

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