[SailfishDevel] SDK installation error on Debian stable (VirtualBox 4.1.18)

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Tue Nov 25 15:04:59 UTC 2014


Debian stable (7, wheezy) has VirtualBox 4.1.18, the one that the release 
notes claim is supported. However, running the installer I get this from the 

Error during installation process (org.merproject.mersdk):
Execution failed(Unexpected exit code: 1): "/usr/bin/VBoxManage storagectl 
MerSDK --name SATA --add sata --controller IntelAhci --portcount 1 --bootable 

In the console I get:

VBoxManage: error: Unknown option: --portcount

I assume that's an option not available on VirtualBox 4.1.18. :-(

Unfortunately I don't have an easy way to upgrade.

I've searched TJC, and the website suggests this list anyway. Any hints?

Alex (a.k.a. suy) | GPG ID 0x0B8B0BC2
http://barnacity.net/ | http://disperso.net

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