[SailfishDevel] This is a test email

Chris Sparks mr_ada at cox.net
Sat Nov 22 16:29:12 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I have now received two messages about thread hijacking, a term that I 
am NOT familiar with so I went to


and saw the email "devel at lists.sailfishos.org" to send a fresh email to 
the list (not a reply).

I want to know if this is hijacking anything because I don't get it.

I went to:

And saw that all of my posts are top level ones.  So where am I hijacking?

     [SailfishDevel] New to SailFish   Chris Sparks
         [SailfishDevel] New to SailFish   Alejandro Exojo
     [SailfishDevel] Boot Up Times   Chris Sparks
         [SailfishDevel] Boot Up Times   Andrey Kozhevnikov
         [SailfishDevel] Boot Up Times   Martin Kolman

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