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Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Fri Nov 21 14:25:08 UTC 2014

El Friday 21 November 2014, Chris Sparks escribió:
> 1) Is Sailfish an Android based OS?  Or is like QtEmbedded which 
> bootstraps itself off of a linux based kernel?

Neither. It uses "pure" Linux (in the sense that is more aligned with 
upstream, instead of based on patches not merged, like binder on Android).

For the GUI it uses Wayland, a protocol that, in a sense, it replaces the QWS 
protocol that Qt for Linux embedded had, and that is gone in Qt5.

> 2) I have a galaxy tab 3 which I have rooted, would I be able to replace 
> the OS on this device for Sailfish?

No idea, but what I've normally read is "if it works with CyanogenMod is 
likely to work".

Oh, and, please, don't reply to a message, replace the subject and delete the 
body to send a *new* message. Is not the same as a new message because the 
mail program (Seamonkey in your case?) adds new headers that break how the 
mails are displayed. Is "thread hijacking" and is pretty bad netiquette.

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