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richard grooff rgrnetalk at yahoo.com
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Hi Jarmo, 
Thanks for your swift response. 
The listmodel is created on thirdpage. I would like the data of the listmodel on the coverpage (using listview with reference to thirdpage.listmodel).
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On 11/07/2014 04:08 PM, Richard Grooff wrote:

> Hi, I have tried to get a listview on the cover of my app, but
> haven't succeeded so far. Is there any documentation how to do this.
> The silica reference is very short on covers (and has no information
> on listview on the cover)?

ListView is pretty well documented on the Qt side.

I don't think using it in the cover is that different from using it in
the main app. Getting data from app to the cover might be another issue
though, so I suggest trying to get it to work with dummy data first.

Maybe this example will help you:
It's from my app and there's a big ListView in the center of the cover
page. It shows just one delegate at a time and swiping left and right
changes the ListView index.

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