[SailfishDevel] Updates to resource policy implementation in QtMultimedia (update8)

Juho Hämäläinen juho.hamalainen at tieto.com
Fri Jul 18 08:46:33 UTC 2014

On 04.07.2014 23:57, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Dnia 2014-07-03, czw o godzinie 14:56 +0300, Juho Hämäläinen pisze:
>> (So say system volume is 50%, Audio
>> object volume is ramped from 0% to 100%, Audio object volume stays at
>> 100% until user presses volume up, and then system volume changes to
>> 55% and Audio object volume changes to 55%)
> BTW, How do I actually can get the system volume level, to sync my app
> volume level with system level? :-)

You don't need to get the system volume level, when using QSoundEffect 
or QMediaPlayer without changing the volume of those objects, the volume 
they use is system volume.

If you really need system volume for something, see 
(or alternatively if want to know what's the real volume in stream 
restore, see 


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