[SailfishDevel] QtWebKit QWebView

Aaron McCarthy aaron.mccarthy at jolla.com
Tue Jan 28 01:27:53 UTC 2014

On Fri, 24 Jan 2014 22:40:43 Hannes Rantzsch wrote:
> no, unfortunately I didn't get it working. Had no time for further
> fiddling around yet.
> Yeah, XMLHttpRequest looked nice to me too first. But the page I want
> does not offer anything for that. Just plain html.
> I would still like to get QWebFrame working, as Aaron suggested. Maybe
> now someone has an idea what kind of configurations are needed to get it in?

Unfortunately QWebFrame seems to be part of Qt WebKit Widgets as well. I 
suggest looking at what functionality is provided by Qt WebKit and see if that 
meets you needs. Depending on the complexity of the HTML that you want to 
parse and what you want to extract out of it, it is possible to use 
QXmlStreamReader perhaps with some pre-processing.


Aaron McCarthy

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