[SailfishDevel] Segmentation fault: No such file or directory.

Aaron McCarthy aaron.mccarthy at jolla.com
Tue Jan 28 01:19:12 UTC 2014


I replied to a duplicate email off list.

On Fri, 24 Jan 2014 12:22:25 Sylvain B. wrote:
> I did more tests today in the subway with a limited connectivity and it was
> actually hard to reproduce (1 out of 15-20 attempts), so as the stacktrace
> suggest, it has something to do with the caching operation.Now that I have
> a better 3G connectivity, I can reproduce it more often but not as often
> than yesterday in Wifi. It never occurs at the first attempt, I'd say I
> have to try between 2 and 10 times, it depends, while in Wifi it was almost
> always crashing at the first attempt. When not panning the Map, it occurs
> less frequently, but I am not sure how frequently. I will make more tests
> this WE. But If I simply push/pop/push/pop/... the Map without panning it,
> it never crashes.

Thanks for the information.

> And why the only available docs are on developer.ubuntu.com?

Qt Positioning and Qt Location are not currently supported APIs in SailfishOS. 
Once they are their documentation will be available with the rest of the 
SailfishOS developer documentation.

Qt Positioning documentation is available as part of the Qt 5.2 docs at qt-
project.org/doc. Qt Location has not been officially released yet. Once it is 
it will be documented there as well.


Aaron McCarthy

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