[SailfishDevel] Python and Qt Widgets development possible?

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Sun Jan 26 12:33:18 UTC 2014


Until now I have been using PySide to write Qt Widgets applications that 
were running fine
under Windows and Maemo.
With some if/else I got native look & feel on both platforms.

Now I've tried the same with PyQt5 on Sailfish OS and the application looks
like a Windows application and even opens new windows when I e.g. open 
the menu.
Unfortunately it seems that QML is the only way to get native look and feel.
Am I right?

Switching to QML/Qt Quick seems a major effort and especially, it is 
very un-pythonic
to use this mixture of two languages.
Even when I switch, it seems that there's quite some effort to stay 
compatible over
multiple platforms as you more or less have to use Silica components on 
Sailfish OS
and on the other hand I won't gain usability on a mouse based platform 
like Windows.

With Maemo I had the impression that it was quite easy to port any GUI 
and get at least a reasonable UI. Seems that this is not true with 
Sailfish OS any more.
You have to choose between all or nothing...



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