[SailfishDevel] App interoperability the Sailfish Way. Particularly sharing between apps. Any ideas on how it can happen UI and API-wise?

Artem Marchenko artem.marchenko at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 10:53:23 UTC 2014

Hi there

Simplest you case. You are using Tweetian or Friends and want to save a
link to some read-it-later service, or share to a not built-in social
network (Russian vkontakte or Chinese Weibo) or even to a built-in app such
as Messaging or Email. Or you implement a whatsapp client and want to send
photos from both local hardrive and

To my understanding right now all of these use cases are simply not
possible (except for starting email/sms with a given text via

*What are the Sailfish longer term plans regarding it?*
- Android-like intents to provide whichever service to whichever clients +
few standard intents?
- iOS-like hard coded intents to the known applications that support it?
- Something Linux standard?

Best regards,

Artem Marchenko
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