[SailfishDevel] Project Kits lost on Target Refresh

christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch
Tue Jan 21 12:16:16 UTC 2014

Hi Juha


The kits are easily added again, and this is no problem if only one or  
two projects are open.

But I often have 5 or more open ...

Another irritating strange behaviour in QtCreator, again with several  
projects open, Is that If I have one project selected to build and  
run, but the highlight in the Project Explorer (top left pane of  
QtCreator) is on a file in a second project, then the build fails  
because it gets muddled up.

e.g below I am building GSTTorch, but the highlight is on a file in  
QMLTorch. It tries to build GSTTorch using files from QMLTorch!

As I am frequently switching between projects I encounter this error  
many times!


RPM build errors:
error: File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/QMLTorch/qml

error: File not found:  

File not found:  
error: File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/QMLTorch

     File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/QMLTorch/qml
     File not found:  
     File not found:  
     File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/QMLTorch

13:10:48: The process  
"/Users/christopherlamb/.config/SailfishAlpha3/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/deploy" exited with code  
Error while building/deploying project GSTTorch (kit:  

Zitat von "Juha Kallioinen" <juha.kallioinen at jolla.com>:

> On 21.01.2014 09:17, christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch wrote:
>> Hi All
>> If I do a QtCreator / SailfishOS/ Targets / Manage Targets /  
>> <Target> / Manage / Sync, with project(s) open in QtCreator, then I  
>> lose the kits of the open project(s), and have to re-add these.
> Hi Chris,
> yes it's an unfortunate side effect of the way the build engine/qt  
> creator interface has been implemented. This should be fixed in some  
> future release, but is not a high priority.
> Best regards,
>  Juha
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