[SailfishDevel] SearchField focus in ListView with Qt/C++ data model

marko.koschak at tisno.de marko.koschak at tisno.de
Mon Jan 20 16:45:24 UTC 2014


I am using a searchfield in my app with a c++ model too.

Have a look here for a reference: https://github.com/jobe-m/ownkeepass/blob/master/Sailfish/qml/content/GroupsAndEntriesPage.qml


On Sat Jan 18 2014 17:50:03 GMT+0100 (CET), Matthias Fehring wrote:
>I already read some posts about the SearchField losing focus after model 
>I adapted the example from the component gallery and also set currentIndex: 
>-1, but my SearchField still loses it's focus.
>Maybe because I am using a C++ data model? I get it to work with some ugly QML 
>hacks, but then the UI is a bit cluttered....
>Any ideas?
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