[SailfishDevel] Fwd: Re: QGeoSatelliteInfoSource in Sailfish

dcaliste at free.fr dcaliste at free.fr
Mon Jan 20 08:10:19 UTC 2014


À Sun Jan 19 2014 22:32:47 GMT+0100 (CET), christopher.lamb at thurweb.ch a écrit 
>1) The Compass Azimuth shows the direction the top of the device is  
>pointing to (so it will change as your rotate the device).
>2) The PositionSource shows a direction based on the direction the  
>device is travelling (irrespective of where the device is pointing).
Sorry my explanation was not clear and lacking the question. So the two things you're speaking about (compas and direction) are indeed the two distinctions I was doing. My question is : ok, the compas is in QtSensor, but the direction is missing from QGeoPositionInfo, the method hasAttribute() on a valid GPS fix returns false, always. How to get the direction? Should one calculate it by hand ?



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