[SailfishDevel] Status menu?

Marcin M. marmistrzmar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 19:38:30 UTC 2014

It's a workaround, indeed ;)

And connect to internet shortcut isn't enough!

It would be ideal to be able to launch some status menu from the lockscreen
;) Changing brightness, wlan+mobile internet, 2G/3G switch are things I
very often use from status menu, and I want them to be at hand. Some
orientation lock is useful, switching availability from such menu


2014/1/17 Oleksii Serdiuk <contacts at oleksii.name>

> On 17.01.2014 20:14, Marcin M. wrote:
>> The settings have some wifi thing on the top, but it seems to be
>> enable/disable auto-scanning, and I'd like to always connect myself,
>> never automatically, no scanning in background... And the actual option
>> is dug deep in the settings.
> There's a nice feature I accidentally found in Settings.
> Go to Settings -> System settings and long tap WLAN. Context menu will
> slide out. Tap "Add to favourites" there. This will place an icon to the
> top of the main page of Settings app that will take you directly to WLAN
> page.
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