[SailfishDevel] Two executables and D-Bus interfaces in a package

Matthias Fehring buschmann at huessenbergnetz.de
Wed Jan 15 23:12:35 UTC 2014

Yes, I read that already yesterday or the day before and thougt that own 
D-Bus interfaces are allowed.
But then the result of the rpm validator is a bit irritating. :)

But I will try to submit it to harbour and will see what happens.

Am 15.01.2014 23:47, schrieb Gabriel Böhme:
> I think DBUS is not restricted at all as far as I know, Bernd wrote the 
> following some days ago:
> This comment was about one specific DBus API (PackageKit), which will be
> made unavailable to 3rd party applications soon to prevent unrequested
> sideloading of RPM packages. An API designed for use by 3rd party
> applications for this task will be made available.
> DBus APIs generally are available to you if you have the right to acces
> them from your application without raising the applications
> privileges. PackageKit (hopefully) is the one big exception there at the
> moment. We're trying to create additional documentation on stability of
> DBus APIs to help you to avoid using an API which will still change a lot.
>  Gabriel.
>  Am 15.01.2014 23:43, schrieb Andrey Kozhevnikov:
>> D-Bus interfaces not allowed for harbour.
>> And you can use everything you want if dont need to go to harbour :)
>> On 16.01.2014 04:35, Matthias Fehring wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have a question concerning the harbour rules and the currently allowed 
>>> stuff.
>>> My application (http://ocnews.buschmann23.de [1]) consists of two 
>>> executable files. One is
>>> the frontend, the other one is a daemon/engine. Both are communicating 
>>> through D-Bus, the
>>> daemon/engine is also started on request through D-Bus.
>>> Now the harbour rules seems only to allow one executable per package. How 
>>> to go around these
>>> problem? Creating two packages?
>>> The other thing is the D-Bus interface of the daemon/engine. The new rpm 
>>> validator in the SDK
>>> says, that it is not allowed to install files in 
>>> /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces and
>>> /usr/share/dbus-1/services.
>>> Is there a solution for that or can it currently not published through 
>>> Jolla Store when it
>>> uses it's own D-Bus interface?
>>> Best greetings
>>> Matthias
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