[SailfishDevel] Android QA proccess

Maciej Jaros egil at wp.pl
Tue Jan 14 23:40:22 UTC 2014

Iekku Pylkka (2014-01-14 09:32):
> Hi,
> Thank you for valid feedback. We have had resource problems to perform Android apps QA during vacation and get it up and running after vacations. Hopefully we are soon back on full speed. Thank you for your patience. See my replies above :)

Thank you, for your replies. I appreciate it.

> Br,
> Iekku Pylkkä
> [...]
>> I understand that there is a lot going on, but I'm waiting more then 10 days
>> now and just now I had to release another version. Does this restart the clock
>> somehow or what? Will I be moved to the end of the line?
> [Iekku Pylkka] I can try to keep your position in queue at previous place, but can't promise anything for sure. Please send me information about your app.

My latest update was just an URL change in the code so I would be 
gratefull if this wouldn't postpone the realease even further. The app 
name is PP tracker. It has a public repo on Github so you can see code 
changes there. Repo URL is provided in the app details.


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