[SailfishDevel] Random white screen issue, app has passed QA

Reto Zingg reto.zingg at jolla.com
Tue Jan 14 08:34:15 UTC 2014


On 14.01.2014 10:21, Kaj-Michael Lang wrote:
> Got my first app into the Harbour, works for me and obvisouly for QA
> too. But about 1/2 of the comments are people complaining that all they
> get is a white screen. That most likely is some error in the qml, a
> import plugin missing, but how can that be if QA passed it ? Any ideas?
> Oh, and the app in question is Y-Radio.
> Or better yet, anyone on list that experiences the problem ? Could you
> start it from the terminal and send me any error messages that might be
> printed ?

seems you use:
import QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.0

that is not by default on device. Add a dependency to:

that should fix it.

We need to investigate how that could get pre installed to the device of 
the Harbour testers.

Sorry for the troubles.


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