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Gabriel Böhme m.gabrielboehme at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 13 22:01:50 UTC 2014

Ohh nice, I planed to use DBUS for few features, good that I have not
implemented a lot so far.

Why will DBUS also be restricted? There are just a small amount to nearly
no, save to use APIs. There are nearly no offical APIs, just some Nemo
middle ware stuff that works - maybe, but is not allowed at harbour.

What about device feedback, what about notifications, what about sharing
options, what about deamons, now also DBUS will be restricted. DBUS was an
option to work around missing notifications. :-/

I'm sure it's difficult and hard for a small team, but hey come on you
wanted it. And if you can't solve/realise things atm, be open and different
- talk to use, tell your plans, show what can be expected when. Talk to
your devs, maybe let's discuss ideas, make plans together. But don't be shy
and say nothing and came in the next moment with any - positive or negative



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Basil Semuonov schrieb am 13.01.14 19:38:
Hi there, habour supporters and moderators.

Please, please, really PLEASE do update your
https://harbour.jolla.com/faqAND MAKE CLEAN RULES what is restricted
and what is not.

This is not the game where we should guess your imaginary rules.

This is just ridiculous to submit apps, wait for 4 days and then get
response that app is rejected with new , since "This application uses a
DBus API which should not be used by 3rd party applications, and will be
restricted soon.".

How the hell I should know what will be restricted and will not?

If you not sure about anything at harbour in the future, create white list
of what is allowed, like qml imports and link libraries.

Do you understand, that it is impossible to create any usefull and complex
application, which is not "a one-page + one-button +
haha-look-at-my-cover-it-is-awesome" when you does not share your plans for
future and does not supply strict rules?
All your ecosystem depends on this.


Semuonov Basil
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