[SailfishDevel] How to activate GPS on device

Caliste Damien damien.caliste at free.fr
Sat Jan 11 13:16:59 UTC 2014


Le vendredi 03 janvier 2014, Aaron McCarthy a écrit :
> GPS works without network coverage, though the acquisition time is
> How long did you wait? Were you outside or inside? Without assisted
> GPS I've seen the device take between one and tens of minutes to get
> a position fix. When in my office it is unlikely to get a fix if
> assisted GPS is disabled.
Yes, I was outside and wait for twenty minutes. But, I retried several
times, and it always work as expected then : no network (either WLAN or
3G), as long as the application requesting GPS is on, the GPS icon is
blinking until a fix is got. So, I don't know, maybe during my first
try, I closed the application or it crashed.

So it's working as expected, sorry for the note.

Have a nice day,


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