[SailfishDevel] Scriptlets in RPM hot allowed to Harbour

Mikael Hermansson mike at 7b4.se
Sun Jan 12 13:11:55 UTC 2014

On Sunday 12 January 2014 11.21.56 Filip Kłębczyk wrote:
> So what would be the proper way of creating such app? Can someone from
> Jolla - Thomas or anyone there who feels competent in this area suggest
> the proper way of handling such use case. That could really help to
> mitigate some of the problems that non-tech users approach every day and
> make their overall experience with Jolla phone better.
> Regards,
> Filip

Reminds me about what I read yesterday libssh is actually a solution for above 
problem. The used only had to enable developermode so that sshd is installed.

Then your app (who also install libssh library) just login via libssh locally on the jolla 
and execute commands. Kind of a backdoor because that way your app itself does 
not need root but in the same time you have full access doing everything in runtime... 

more info here:


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