[SailfishDevel] Questions about not yet allowed APIs

Mikael Hermansson mike at 7b4.se
Sun Jan 12 11:57:14 UTC 2014

On Sunday 12 January 2014 09.11.38 Filip Kłębczyk wrote:
> W dniu 12.01.2014 05:43, Timur Kristóf pisze:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'd like to ask about status & ETA about the following QML imports, ie.
> > what's their current status (stability, maturity, etc) and when are we
> > going to be able to use them in the harbour.
> > 
> > import Qt.labs.settings 1.0
> > import QtGraphicalEffects 1.0
> > import QtFeedback 5.0
> > import QtDocGallery 5.0
> > import org.nemomobile.ngf 1.0
> > import org.nemomobile.notifications 1.0
> > 
> > It seems to me that there's a LOT of functionality which is not
> > available without these APIs and this is a serious impairment to harbour
> > apps. That's why I'm interested.
> There is much more that could should be allowed ...

I agree but above is atleast a begining. Current situation is really not good for anyone. 
Just look at the comments at Harbour store. More and more people comment about 
"why is android allowed/we need more native apps". I really hope Jolla does not use 
resources in Android QA process when this instead should be used for QA native.... Or 
atleast *very short* time android support...

Because if more and more developers instead start use openrepos it may harm in long 
run. There are reason to use openrepos ofcourse too, atleast for geeks/testers but not 
sure end users or as "main". Because AFAIK openrepos has no checking what apps is 
doing and may in the long run "break" Jolla phone?

 I am almost sure mosts dists has better control whats allowed than openrepos has? 
Ofcourse openrepos has a community that will alarm as soon some try doing some 
harm but still if everyone start use openrepos as the "main" I think we get troubles in 
the longer run...

One reason is: when we upgrade our Jollas some not before allowed libs installed by 
thirdparty may conflict with what new "Jolla firmware" installs. I maybe wrong here 
maybe package manager is intelligent and fix every issue ;) but I doubt...

Anyway, lets hope more libs is allowed soon. I guess its no point flood this mailinglist 
again when we all know the situation is not simple and they probadly working on it... 
so I stop now... ;)



> Regards,
> Filip
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