[SailfishDevel] Jolla Phone crashes with no mobile network available

Graham Cobb g+jolla at cobb.uk.net
Fri Jan 10 12:10:42 UTC 2014

On 10/01/14 11:01, Benoît HERVIER wrote:
> I ve see similar things, while entering leaving metro in Paris 
> (unreliable network coverage).

I have also seen some similar issues but I have not yet put a SIM card
into my Jolla at all!  I am using WiFi, of course.

> Lagging, many 'can't connect' notification, not responding, 
> removing battery.

I have seen these on occasion, except that I have not had to remove
the battery.  Most of the time, if I wake it up (short press on power
button) it sorts itself out after a while -- it may go blank and need
waking up again several times during this.  One time I just got
continuous "can't connect" messages so I turned the wifi off (flight
mode) and back on and it worked.  Another time I needed to reboot.

Note that I have sometimes seen "can't connect" messages while I am
actually using the network connection!

> I've currently activated persistent mode in journal (else journal 
> are cleaned  at reboot), to be able to see what happen, but i'm
> not anymore in Paris until next week. And this didn't happen since 
> yesterday.

Where is that setting?


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